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Sisu &You: Healthy Kids and Healthy Family Workshop

Thursday, May 30, 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm

A New Health Perspective: The Body Revolution Kids Need

A creative workshop for families presented by: HealthyBR, Pennington Biomedical’s Behavior Technology Laboratory, Foos for Thought, & the Knock Knock Children’s Museum

Science tells us that if we don’t appreciate our bodies, we don’t treat our bodies well. How we view our bodies is a key component of successful health behaviors and significantly affects our quality of life. This workshop series teaches children and adults to keep their bodies healthy through nutrition, fitness, sleep, and body image. The experiences gained through these workshops will reframe the dialogue between kids and adults about healthy bodies, while empowering kids to establish positive behaviors and improve their health over the long-term.

Join your kids in a 50-minute workshop embracing the power of Sisu—the Finnish term for resilience. Learn to appreciate and care for your bodies using the components of health that science says have the biggest impact. Parents, teachers, and kids are all welcome to participate in this interactive workshop aimed at connecting ideas with actions for a lifetime of health and happiness.

The program is FREE for kids ages 5-11 which will include free admission to the museum with parent/caregiver participation required. 

Must Pre-register. Registration for each program opens 1 month in advance. Note this is the same program so no repeat attendance please.  Sign up required.   Space Limited. Bring your kids afterschool to play at the Museum before the workshop. 



Knock Knock Children's Museum
1900 Dalyrmple Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808