Healthy BR Annual Reports

Who is HealthyBR and What do they do?

A healthy city is one that protects and enhances the immediate and long-term well-being of its greatest assets its citizens. A great city does this by providing the highest quality of life possible. This requires integrated decision making that takes into account health, economic development, and social issues. The Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative was formed 2008, with a mission to identify and coordinate efforts aimed at healthier eating and more active lifestyles across Baton Rouge. Then, Baton Rouge’s top health and human services organizations and leading hospitals promised to make an investment in the future. They came together with a collaborative spirit and common goal – to make Baton Rouge a healthier city. 

Below are annual report highlightin the work HealthyBR and it's partners have done over the years:

2015 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report