Project Fit America

Project Fit America is a national school-based public charity that donates exemplary P.E. programs to schools that improve the physical fitness of children.  The program's main components provide innovative outdoor fitness equipment, indoor mobile fitness equipment, on-site staff training, and physical education curriculum along with lesson plan support materials. 

This is the Health and Fitness Education portion of the Fresh Beginnings project. Project Fit America brings greater health and physical education equipment and training to four North Baton Rouge schools.

Project Fit America has installed student fitness equipment for physical education, recess and after-school programming at:
  • Baton Rouge Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet
  • Buchanan Elementary
  • Winbourne Elementary
  • Ryan Elementary
Our Partners:

Project Fit America is made possible by support from the following partners:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
  • East Baton Rouge Parish School System
  • Project Fit America