Healthy Baton Rougean Spotlight

Jaubert and India Ambeau

August 17, 2019

How long have you lived in Baton Rouge?

We were both born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!  

What is your occupation?

India is an Environmental Scientist at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality by day and a business owner/personal trainer by night.

Jaubert is a full-time business owner, NETA certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast.  

What is your favorite way to exercise in Baton Rouge?

India's favorite way to exercise consists of a combination of running longer runs around LSU lakes, short sprints on the track and lower body weight-lifting.  The combination of running and lifting keeps my body balanced and sculpted for my fitness competitions!

Jaubert's favorite way of exercising consists of very specific weight routines which are designed to build muscle mass in the shoulders, chest and back.  

How do you eat healthy here in the Capital City?

Because we are both bodybuilding competitors, the majority of what we eat is homemade meal prep.  This includes a combination of protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates specific to our individual body types and fitness goals. When we want to go out and enjoy and get a well-balanced meal to supplement our lean muscle gains, we frequent Carrabba's for a juicy steak or wood-grilled chicken with broccoli and plain baked potato.

Why is Baton Rouge a great place to live a healthy lifestyle?

Although the state of Louisiana is most known for its festivals and one of a kind foods, most people do not realize that Baton Rouge is also a great place to be healthy because we are able to get fresh produce from local growers through the Red Stick Farmer's Market Downtown.  When working to live a healthy lifestyle working out is only 30% of the battle, 70% is committing to make better long-term choices when it comes to feeding your body.  Baton Rouge has the perfect mix of year-round milder temperatures to workout "in the elements" with a beautiful backdrops downtown and near LSU (minus our unpredictable monsoons) and the ability to buy foods without all of the additives found in the larger grocery stores!


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