Healthy Baton Rougean Spotlight

Helen Boyle

February 26, 2020

How long have you lived in Baton Rouge?

My name is Helen Boyle and I have lived in Baton Rouge for almost 6 years. I moved here from St. Louis, Missouri in August 2011 to begin my undergraduate education while playing volleyball at LSU. 

What is your occupation?

After completing my bachelor's degree in Business (concentration: marketing), I decided to stay in Baton Rouge to pursue my master’s degree. I am about to start my last semester in the Flores MBA Program at LSU. My concentration is Sports Business & Finance. Throughout my years at LSU, I played Indoor Volleyball for 4 years. When I decided to pursue my master's degree, I tried out for the sand volleyball team, where I went on to play for 1 year during my first year of graduate school.

What is your favorite way to exercise in Baton Rouge?

My favorite way to workout in Baton Rouge mainly involves anything volleyball related. I love going to Mangos where I can play sand volleyball. In order to get in shape for the games, I enjoy running the beautiful LSU lakes, lifting weights, and participating in pick-up games of basketball at the UREC.      


How do you eat healthy here in the Capital City?

Baton Rouge has tons of options when it comes to eating healthy. One of my favorite tips is to actually cook at home; I love going to Winn-Dixie with a grocery list for the week and cooking. However, I tend to eat out a few times a week. When dining out, I try to order a lean protein, vegetables, and always sneak in some type of carb! My favorite places to eat in Baton Rouge are Almaza, Rock 'n Sake, and Sammy's.

Why is Baton Rouge a great place to live a healthy lifestyle?

Baton Rouge is a great place to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle because of all of the resources this city has to offer. If I felt like running outside, I could run the lakes, the levee, or even in the neighborhoods surrounding campus. Although some may complain about Baton Rouge's crazy, mainly hot and humid weather, the temperatures in the city allow for us to run outside comfortably almost year round! Also the food in this city is amazing, and despite the South being known for their delicious fried food, it is actually easy to find great healthy meals at local restaurants without compromising taste. I love Baton Rouge, and all of the city's resources make it easy to live a healthy life!



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