Healthy Baton Rougean Spotlight

Devin Boyd

May 20, 2019

How long have you lived in Baton Rouge?

My entire life! I was born and raised here, so 26 years!

What is your occupation?

I am currently Miss Baton Rouge 2016 and also coach girls and help prepare them for their pageants with interview, modeling and stage presence! I also work with them on diet and nutrition as well as exercise, but it is not limited just to girls who want to compete in a pageant! I love health and fitness and can help anyone get closer to their fitness goals! I love sharing what I have learned from studying nutrition, my products I use, and my secrets and tips. I also work as a model, spokesperson and event host/emcee! On top of all of that, I am about to become a distributor for some of the products that are a staple in my health and beauty regimen.

What is your favorite way to exercise in Baton Rouge?

I have a tie! Yoglates II South and Fit Body Boot Camp Baton Rouge! Both Yoglates II South and Fit Body Boot Camp helped prepare me for Miss Louisiana USA, where I won the swimsuit award! The Yoglates workout is unlike anything I have ever done before and always challenges your body. It helps me clear my mind after a stressful day as well and I always feel SO good afterwards! It's more than just a workout, it's mind and body. And a great stretch as well!! Fit Body Boot Camp Baton Rouge is a quick 30 minute workout that I love because it is so tough and challenging but in only 30 minutes you get a full body workout and you're done. Everyone has just 30 minutes they can spare! Plus it is always different and the music is very upbeat, fun and helps motivate you! It makes the work fun!

How do you eat healthy here in the Capital City?

Baton Rouge has the best local (and healthy!) restaurants! For me, eating out at restaurants isn't a challenge anymore now that I am knowledgable on where to go and what to order! I hardly ever eat at chains and always go for grilled instead of fried. Cooking at home is always a great option too, but with my busy schedule, it's easier to eat out! I've learned to adapt and make healthy decisions on the go! It's not difficult, however, with all the great local restaurants we have here in Baton Rouge!! My absolute favorite is Truly Free Bakery and Deli on Perkins! Truly Free is organic, all natural and made from scratch with local ingredients! It is also Gluten, dairy and egg free! I love supporting local cafes and restaurants; they are healthier than the food chains and the food is a lot tastier and you know where it's coming from - right here! Once you try locally grown ingredients you will taste the diffference! Eating healthy actually tastes better! And it does not have to be difficult either, even on the go (Truly Free delivers)!! So it's just about making better decisions. You can still eat healthy in a hurry. No need to go through the drive thru with all the fast and healthy options we have here in the Capital City! Oh, and I get sauces and dressings on the side and use them sparingly.

Why is Baton Rouge a great place to live a healthy lifestyle?

We have the most beautiful and historic landmarks! Baton Rouge is FULL of culture! It's so easy to just go for a walk or run and enjoy the amazing scenery and monuments that we have in our own backyard! I think sometimes living here we take for granted this awesome history that's right under our feet. Baton Rouge is THE BEST place to get outside and get active. People come from all over to tour our city! Let's get outside and get active while enjoying downtown, the levee, lakes, the state Capital, our universities, etc!


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