A fun, exciting way to exercise and activate your life!

Promoting bicycling as a real transportation option in the Greater Baton Rouge Area is something that is very important to Healthy BR. Making this mode of transportation as safe, convenient and enjoyable as possible is a top priority. We want to bring to light the associated environmental, economic, and health-related benefits of biking. To do this, Healthy BR partners with many bike enthusiasts throughout our city including:

Bike BR

Bike Baton Rouge is a grassroots organization dedicated to making trips by bicycling or walking so safe and enjoyable that people will choose to leave the car at home. Learn More >>

Baton Rouge Advocates for Safe Streets (BRASS)

BRASS has a wealth of information about biking in Baton Rouge. Learn More >>

Baton Rouge Bike Club

Don't like riding by yourself?  Want the motivation of a group?  The Baton Rouge Bike Club sponsors group rides with leaders who guide groups with a variety of biking experience and levels of ability.  You can find a group ride to participate in every day except Friday!  Learn More >>

Baton Rouge Area Bike Paths